Benefits Of A Better Lawn In 2020

Benefits Of A Better Lawn In 2020

Are you looking for the best investment or an outdoor renovation project to take up this year? Replacing your old patchy lawn, or installing in a new area, can easily be achieved when you buy tried and trusted varieties sold at Betta Turf. We all love a lush and healthy green lawn, and they don’t need to be hard work, a common thought that people associate with having a natural lawn. With correct preparation and installation, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy your new lawn, using the best maintenance products that Betta Turf supply. Here is a quick look at the ways having a new, healthy lawn installed will benefit you in 2020 and for many years to come.

1. You Will Instantly Get a Perfect Lawn

Once you have your new area prepped and ready to go by following our preparation guide, the easiest part now is the laying out the turf rolls, which have been freshly cut for you. As soon as the lawn is properly laid out and watered, your entire garden area will instantly be healthy, vibrant and lush.

2. Add More Value to Your Home

Quality varieties like Sir Walter, has been one of the most popular sold Australia wide, due to its strong growth and ease of maintenance. It is our most popular variety sold at Betta Turf, as well as one of our most recommended varieties due to its versatile growing behaviour. It not only looks beautiful, but will instantly increase the value of your home.

3. Save Money and Reduce Maintenance Costs

As strange as it sounds, installing a new lawn in your area, can save you money. Ripping out your old tired lawn that has been struggling, and replacing with a new, healthy strong variety will save you money on products trying to get it back into shape. Sometimes, it is just best to replace rather than try and resurrect. Once a new lawn is laid, maintaining is the easy bit, especially when using Betta Turf products. Not only are these products the best on the market, they’ll save you money and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

4. A Cooler Home Environment

The most cost effective way to cool down your house in 2020, is by having a natural lawn. Lawns significantly reduce the temperature around your home, by creating your own natural air-conditioning.

5. A Healthier Environment

With house and land sizes becoming smaller, and more and more roads being put in, it is imperative that turfed areas are still installed where possible. Natural grass absorbs carbon and helps produce oxygen, eliminating toxins from the air, creating healthy play areas for your kids. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint on earth, then installing and having a healthy turf is the right step to take in 2020.

6. Slow the Advance of Bushfires

For those that have built in a high fire risk area, having a natural lawn around your house could actually save your house in the case of a bush fire. Natural, green turf is a fire retardant, and will create a fire break around your house. Why not use the new year as an excuse to focus on creating a beautiful new garden? With the help of Betta Turf’s premium lawn varieties, you can start the process as early as tomorrow!

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