Is Kikuyu The Right Type Of Lawn For Your Home?

Kikuyu is one of the favourite lawn types in Australia. Plenty of homeowners and commercial properties invest in this lush green lawn type because of its durability and its strong performance all year round. If it is time for you to redo your landscaping then why not have a look into buying Kikuyu. It is one of the more affordable…

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Is Wintergreen The Right Turf For You?

Are you in the process of putting in a new lawn or replacing the one you have? It is best to be correctly informed when selecting the right turf for your garden, as some varieties will suit certain aspects more than others. My motto when selecting your lawn, is to pick one for the look that you are after, but…

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Why Sir Walter Is The Best Choice Of Natural Lawn For Your Area

If you want a great looking lawn then the first thing you need to do is to buy your lawn from a reputable company like Betta Turf. Buying lawn from a registered turf farm, ensures you are getting the right variety and a quality product. The second thing you need to do is to choose a variety that not only…

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Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Turf in Great Condition This Winter

Do you want your lawn to stay beautiful, healthy and green all winter long? With a few of our handy hints, and with the best products available, you can keep your lawn looking the best in the street. Here are some of the best lawn care tips that will keep your grass in great condition and vibrantly green this winter.…

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7 Wonders of a Beautiful Natural Lawn

With so many options to cover open spaces at your property, we at Betta Turf believe natural turf is by far the better choice. Not only does it look good, but there are also so many more benefits of having a natural green space at your house. Here are seven reasons why. 01. Environmentally Friendly There are so many environmental…

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