Everything You Want To Know About SIR WALTER Buffalo Grass

Everything You Want To Know About SIR WALTER Buffalo Grass

It is always good to do a bit of research on lawn varieties before you dive right in to get a particular variety installed on your property. You will need to look at the aspect of where it is going to be installed. Is it a full sun area, or will it be in a partially shaded area? What look am I after, and most important, what am I prepared to look after?

If you are thinking whether Sir Walter buffalo will be a grass that will be suitable for your area, then rest assure, this is one of the best lawn varieties on the market. Not only is it one of the most popular varieties sold in Australia, it is an Australian variety. It is a strong, durable grass, that can handle both full sun and shady aspects, as well as traffic. Its recovery is quick, yet one of the easiest varieties to maintain.

What Is Sir Walter Buffalo?

Sir Walter buffalo was born and bred in Australia and is a new generation soft leaf buffalo. Sir Walter’s drought tolerance, herbicide tolerance and fungus resistance means that this is one of the most environmentally friendly turf grasses available. The crisp green colour of Sir Walter makes this a most attractive lawn all year round.

Buffalo Grass Is Drought Tolerant

As much as I don’t like the term “ drought tolerant”, if you are looking for a lawn type that is going to survive the summer months, then this is the right variety to pick. Studies done at UWA Research Station, have shown Sir Walter to be in the top group for grasses to survive on less water. Keeping in mind, Perth has some of the worst sandy, water repellent soils, so soil improvement to improve the water holding capacity is imperative. Remember, it is a living plant, so will still need to be watered. Applying products like Aqua Force and Bi-Agra, will ensure your Sir Walter has no problem surviving our hot summer days and you will save water as well.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Is a Low Maintenance Lawn

Compared to some other natural lawn varieties, Sir Walter is the one of the easiest to maintain. It’s surface growth pattern, means no underground root structure will invade your gardens beds, meaning maintaining your edges is a breeze. Mowing can be done between 7-10 days, or even left up to a fortnight during summer. Light, regular mowing is always best to keep your lawn healthy and strong, and will also reduce thatch build up as well.

Sir Walter Buffalo Won’t Be Damaged Easily

Due to the buffalo’s surface runner system, wear and tear on buffalo can take a lot longer, especially compared to flatter, low growing couch grasses. Sir Walter is a strong grower, so wear recovery is good. This makes it one of the best lawns for domestic use. We recommend applying our Premium Slow Release Blend Fertiliser, to keep your lawn healthy and strong. This will ensure your lawn is harder to wear, and stronger to recover.

Why is Sir Walter Buffalo Is A Bit More Expensive Than Other Varieties

When comparing prices on different varieties of turf, you will find that the buffalo varieties tend to me a bit more expensive than couch or even kikuyu for example. This is because of the way that the grasses grow, and how long it takes before we can reharvest the same area. Due to the the buffalo only having a runner system on the surface, it generally takes between 9-10 months before we can reharvest, where as the other two have a rhizome root structure, meaning it grow back up through the soil quickly, only taking approximately 6 months to be able to re-harvest.

Buffalo Grass Grows In Shade and Sun

This is one of the few lawn types that fare well in both shaded and full-sun gardens. It is an ideal solution for homeowners that have shady and sunny patches all over their garden. Due to it being a winter active variety, you will always have a green patch to play on all year round.

If you never want to struggle to keep your lawn alive and healthy again then it is time for you to make the switch to Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. This sturdy lawn is just what you need to increase curb appeal and reduce garden labour.

We are proudly members of the Turf Growers Association of Australia and we abide by the code of ethics and practice and fully endorse the standards code.

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