Getting Your Lawn Ready For Summer

Getting Your Lawn Ready For Summer

Summer is finally on its way, which means it’s time to start prepping your lawn for the hot Summer months. Whether you are installing a new lawn, or already have an established area, there’s few simple things that you can do to help your lawn cope with our hot summer days.


Make sure you check your reticulation, so that your sprinklers are free from any grit or sand that can block your nozzles. Also make sure you have uniform coverage over your whole area. Most importantly, check that you are applying the right amount of water over your area. Grab some catch cups, and place over your area. Run your stations, and check that you are applying 10mls of water during your station run time. Adjust your timing accordingly.

Wetting Agents

It is crucial to apply a quality Wetting Agent like Aqua Force to your area. Perth has very sandy, non-wetting soils, that are hard to get “wet” without the help of such products. Combined with a Water Retainer, BI-AGRA, and applied correctly, your lawn will have no problems surviving the summer months. Grab a “Combo Pack” today and save.


Warm season varieties, like Sir Walter, Wintergreen and Kikuyu, are all growing at their peak during the warmer months of the year. Our Premium Slow Release Fertiliser, will give your lawn a controlled slow release of nutrient, allowing for easy mowing maintenance, and helps in keeping your lawn, healthy and green all year round.


Regular mowing through the summer months, will also keep your lawn in the best shape. Weekly mowing of warm season varieties is recommended, never taking more than a ⅓ of the leaf off at a time. This will ensure good, strong growth, without stressing the plant. Keeping you mower blades sharp, will also ensure that your lawn is given a nice clean cut, without damaging the leaf.

Betta Turf

We have been providing high-quality turf and maintenance products to the Perth area for over 25 years, and we would love to help you with your next project, or help you keep your current lawn in the best possible shape. No matter the size, the team here at Betta Turf can help. A strong, healthy turf, requires far less time and maintenance and will look beautiful throughout the year. New turf comes in rolls or runners and is incredibly easy to install. Get your dream lawn ready for summer by installing a turf from Betta Turf, or let us help you keep your existing lawn in summer sizzler survival mode.

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