Insect Control For My Lawn

Insect Control For My Lawn

Insects and other pests are a common occurrence in everybody’s garden and lawn. Insects such as beatles, caterpillars, crickets, ants and more love to live in the grass because the grass is a constant source of natural food. Insects and worms break down grass cuttings, and other organic matter, so having a healthy amount in your lawn, can be a positive thing. It is when the numbers become too large, or the wrong pests come into the area, is when we start seeing our lawns suffer as a consequence. Some insects can attack your grass blades and roots causing your grass to stress out, making your lawn patchy in areas. Not all patches are caused by insect damage, so it is important to identify the problem before applying any chemical control to the area. Other factors that can cause patchiness in your lawn can be caused by a malfunctioning irrigation/sprinkler system, dog urine, or when your lawn is in need of fertilisation. At Betta Turf we want you to enjoy your quality turf for as long as possible and that is exactly why we are sharing the best secrets to help you spot, diagnose, and control these issues before they get out of hand.

Establish the Cause of Your Lawn Damage

The first step is to identify the cause of your lawn damage. Pest treatments won’t help much if your lawn is actually stressing out due to lack of water or nutrition. Checking the sprinklers surrounding the area, measuring your water output and the dampness of the soil, will help eliminate a watering issue. This is 99% of the time, the issue during our Perth summer months. Next, take a closer look at your lawn. Get down on your hands and knees and have a look to see if something is chewing away at your grass. At night you may hear crickets, see moths flying around, or even just see insect activity on the surface. If this is the case, then it is best to take action, before they do too much damage to your lawn.

Use Complete Insect Control

At Betta Turf, we distribute a wide range of top quality lawn care products that are specially developed for our grass varieties. We offer various products such as a Premium Slow Release Fertiliser, Aqua Force, Biagra, Complete Insect Control, Turf Start and weed killers. To treat all insect infestations you can buy our Complete Insect Control. This treatment will eliminate all common grass pests, so your lawn will no longer be under attack.

Restore the Damage

Once your lawn is treated for insects, it is time to restore the damage if you need. In most circumstances the turf should recover, however, if you need some fresh rolls cut to replace an area, we can easily accommodate that too.

Give Your Lawn a Boost

During pest attacks, your lawn fights hard to survive. A good way to get your lawn to grow fast and recover quickly is by giving it a feed with a good quality fertiliser. Our Premium Slow Release will be the best choice to get your grass up and going, along with our Turf Start. Pelletised organic manure is a great treatment for boosting your lawn, if you have some bare areas. Combined with our Premium Slow release, your lawn will start kicking back into gear with a great boost of energy and nutrition.

Keep an Eye on the Progress

It is important to keep an eye on your lawn while it is busy recovering. Pest infestations can resurface at any time, depending on the life cycle of the pest. Complete Pest Control has a residual effect on the pests, but if you note more damage despite treating your lawn, then it is best to give your lawn another treatment. For more lawn care advice we welcome you to give Betta Turf a call. We are passionate about lawns and are more than happy to help you get rid of your insect infestations so you can enjoy a vibrant, thick and green lawn that looks beautiful.

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