Is Kikuyu The Right Type Of Lawn For Your Home?

Is Kikuyu The Right Type Of Lawn For Your Home?

Kikuyu is one of the favourite lawn types in Australia. Plenty of homeowners and commercial properties invest in this lush green lawn type because of its durability and its strong performance all year round. If it is time for you to redo your landscaping then why not have a look into buying Kikuyu. It is one of the more affordable lawn solutions, and offers a lot of great benefits.

Appealing Characteristics

Kikuyu grass quite a few attractive characteristics. This type of lawn grows vigorously in most conditions and is a fast grower. The quick growth of this grass variety is preferable for many who prefer a grass type that recovers quickly after damaging conditions. The roots grow deep which is preferable for a sturdier lawn type and for handling area of high traffic, and for keeping sand erosion to a minimum.

All-Year-Round Turf

Kikuyu is an all year round turf although you should take note that the lawn doesn’t take well to shading. The lawn variety will survive winter well but will struggle if placed in a shaded, trafficable area. Less mowing is required during the cooler parts of the year.

Relatively Easy To Maintain

Kikuyu grass does grows vigorously which mean you will need to mow this lawn variety more often than varieties like Sir Walter grass. However, if maintained on a weekly basis, you will reap the rewards of this strong grower, as frequent mowing will be beneficial for creating a thick mat. Please keep in mind, due to its deep root structure, it can become invasive in your garden beds. Light, regular feeding with our Premium Slow Release Fertiliser, will not only keep your Kikuyu beautiful and green all year round, it will also help to control thatching of this strong growing variety.


The fast-growing ability of Kikuyu is desirable because the lawn self-repairs pretty fast. Your lawn can recover within a few short weeks after and damage that may occur.

Smooth and Carpet Like

To get a thick carpet-like feel you do need to mow frequently. But once your lawn has been established, you will get a smooth and thick carpet-like feel in your garden.

Suitable For Full Sun Aspects

Being a warm season, fine leaf variety, Kikuyu does perform best in a sunny position. If you have any shady areas, you may find that your Kikuyu may struggle, especially during the cooler months of the year, and a better alternative like Sir Walter will be a better choice for that area.

Weed Protection

A healthy lawn has a rather dense mat that does offer relatively good protection against weed invasion. Weed infestations are however prone to happen in dead or dull patches. You can control weeds with ease by investing in our weed killers supplied by Betta Turf.

Pest Resistant

This hardy grass variety is quite resistant against to pest infestations, however all varieties can be invaded by dreaded pests every now and again. If you do see an infestation then it is important to get your lawn treated early on to prevent damage. Kikuyu grass is a very popular and good solution for sunny properties. The grass variety grows quickly and is self-repairing. The only times you should reconsider investing in Kikuyu is if you have a shaded garden area or if you don’t particularly like mowing your lawn frequently. If you have a sunny garden, are up for the challenge of mowing weekly during summer and bi-weekly during winter then this is a good lawn type to get for your property.

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