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*NEW & IMPROVED* Premium Blend Slow Release Fertiliser

Premium Blend Slow Release Fertiliser. 76% Slow Release- Ideal for any turf variety: 4kg(200m2)=$24, 10kg(500m2)=$42, 20kg bag(1000m2)=$72, 30kg bag(1500m2)=$105. We encourage you bring your bucket back for refilling so you can RECYCLE & SAVE.

Turf Start

Pelletised organic chicken manure to go underneath newly laid turf 25kg (160m2)-$22, 12kg (80m2)-$16, 7kg (50m2)-$13.50

*NEW & IMPROVED* IRONMAN Foliar Fertiliser

Foliar Liquid Fertiliser- Enhances turf colour and aids in iron and manganese deficiencies 2.5L $35~500m2. 5L- $66 - (Use your own click on bottle). The perfect combination for turf colour and performance when used with our Premium Slow Release Fertiliser.

Aqua Force

Premium Wetting Agent $25-200m2

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Premium Water retainer-best used in conjunction with Aqua Force or on its own. 2L:$33 ~150m2. Combo pack with the Aqua Force- $50(2L)

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Complete Insect Control

Complete Hose-on liquid insecticide $26-150m2

Bin-Die Killer

Safe to use on Buffalo for broadleaf weeds $17.50-approx 400m2 Click on Hose also available- $15- 200m2

Wintergrass Killer

Wintergrass Killer $18- approx 600m2. Best applied in Autumn to Spring.

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