Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Turf in Great Condition This Winter

Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Turf in Great Condition This Winter

Do you want your lawn to stay beautiful, healthy and green all winter long? With a few of our handy hints, and with the best products available, you can keep your lawn looking the best in the street.

Here are some of the best lawn care tips that will keep your grass in great condition and vibrantly green this winter.

1. Invest In A Quality Grass That Suits Your Area.

One of the first tips for a great looking lawn during winter is to invest in a good quality lawn, that is suitable for the position that you are going to plant it in to. Some turf varieties just don’t grow well during winter, and can become patchy, yellow and even completely sparse. If you invest in a good quality lawn that will suit your specific area, like Sir Walter, Wintergreen or Kikuyu, then you can enjoy a much better-looking turf at minimal effort or cost. Let us at Betta Turf, guide you on the best quality variety to suit your area, so that you can achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn all year round.

2. Apply The Right Fertiliser

Not all fertilisers are the same, so it is best to apply a good quality, slow release fertiliser lightly all year round, especially heading into the winter months. This will give your lawn a sustained feed during the cooler months of the year, to keep it strong and healthy. At Betta Turf we sell our own blended fertiliser, which is an amazing 76% slow release. This is the best to use during the winter months, and all year round, especially on our Perth sandy soils. Our other winter favourite is IRONMAN. A fantastic foliar fertiliser, that will give your lawn and instant nutritional, green facelift. These 2 in combination will turn everybody’s head in the street, and give your neighbours lawn envy. Our Turf Start, organic fertiliser, can also give your lawn a little organic boost as well if it needs.

3. Aerate Your Lawn

You can give your roots some fresh air by aerating your lawn, especially if you have a few waterlogged areas. You can use a pronged fork to make holes all over your lawn. This keeps the soil just a little bit looser, allows water to filtrate easier and gives your lawn a needed oxygen boost.

4. Allow For Maximum Sunlight Exposure

Your lawn needs natural sunshine to stay healthy. Whether it be too many leaves, or a tree canopy that is blocking the sunlight exposure, they both can have a negative impact on your lawn. Rake up leaves on a regular basis, and opening/pruning out a tree canopy will allow as much of the winter sun to naturally feed your lawn, which will also reduce the risk of any disease that may come into the area.

5. Turn Your Reticulation Off.

With winter water restrictions in full swing, make sure your reticulation is switched off. Your lawn doesn’t need to be watered during our winter months, so now’s the time to save our precious resource and your money.

. Cutting Your Lawn

Mowing heights play a critical role in how your lawn survives the winter months. We suggest raising the height of your mower heading into winter, especially for areas that are in a shaded aspect. Areas that a susceptible to frost, are also encouraged to leave the leaf longer, so that only minor tip burn will occur.

7. Use The Correct Weed Killer

Winter weeds can flourish, especially if your grass is lacking in strength and vigour. I can guarantee you will almost always get weeds coming into your lawn, but the key is to have a good strong lawn to minimise weed invasion. Correct chemical use and control is also very important, as not to allow the weeds to overtake your lawn. We advise you contact Betta Turf first to make sure you use the correct treatment for the weeds you have, as some chemical labels can be misleading.

With a few basic lawn care tips, your lawn will continue to look healthy, strong and with great colour all winter.

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