Lockdowns Are Dull But Your Lawn Doesn’t Have To Be: 5 Lawn Care Tips to Brighten Your Day

Lockdowns Are Dull But Your Lawn Doesn’t Have To Be: 5 Lawn Care Tips to Brighten Your Day

There’s No Need for Social Distancing With Your Lawn: It’s The Healthiest Place to Be Right Now. Here’s How To Keep Your Lawn The Healthiest and Greenest in the Street.

The world is experiencing a health pandemic, so staying at home is the safest place to be. For those that are working from home, or unable to leave with restrictions in place, your house is your safe haven, but being stuck inside may become stressful. Why not take a breather, and head outside into your garden, and keep yourself positive, healthy and happy. A little bit of lawn care is one of the best places to start if you want to brighten your day. A healthy lawn will improve your mental health and wellbeing. Right now is also a great time to start taking better care of your garden so your lawn will look great throughout the cold winter.

Invest Wisely

If your old, tired lawn has seen better days, why not turn it into the perfect oasis in your yard. One of the best ways to establish a vibrant and healthy lawn is by investing in a good quality turf. If you are not sure what variety would suit your area, Betta Turf can give you the best advice and information when choosing the best lawn for your needs. Check out the Betta Turf website and have a look at the varieties we grow. https://bettaturf.com/varieties.html

Mow Wisely

When mowing, it is recommended to remove clippings, especially if your lawn is a little bit longer, as you do not want to promote any fungal activity that can occur when dense clippings are left sitting on top of your lawn. Heading into winter is now the best time to raise your mower heights as well. Leaving the leaf longer heading into the cooler months, will help the grass, especially those in shady or frost prone areas

Fertilise Wisely

Applying a Premium Slow Release Fertiliser before the colder weather sets in, will not only feed your lawn for longer but will ensure a healthy green colour for an extended period of time. Our Premium Blend has a 76% slow release component, so your plant will enjoy the benefits for a lot longer. Why not show off your lawn even more, and apply our Ironman Foliar Fertiliser. This is an instant boost to your lawn, injecting nutrition into the plant, and enhancing the colour within 24 hrs.

Water Wisely

We’ve been lucky enough to have a few rainy days, and will hopefully see a lot more when winter hits. Make sure you save water, and remember to turn your reticulation off on days when it is not needed. Yuu can also decrease the watering times on your stations as we are cooling off as well. Applying a quality wetting agent like Aqua Force will also help to penetrate the winter rains deep into your soil profile. With these care tips and a good quality turf variety, your garden will look terrific and everyone in your family will enjoy spending time at home so much more.

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