Premium Water retainer-best used in conjunction with Aqua Force or on its own. 2L:$33 ~150m2. Click to order your products. Combo pack with the Aqua Force- $50(2L)

BI-AGRA is not a conventional wetting agent. It is a an MRA - a Moisture Retaining Aid and is an amazing new water saving technology developed for West Australian conditions.


  • There are two components to BI-AGRA. Wetting agent for spreading water evenly and a second component to hold the water. BI-AGRA is specifically for when you need to turn the water down in the garden.
  • BI-AGRA reduces evaporation by holding onto moisture in the soil and allowing better use of irrigation twice per week.
  • BI-AGRA is long lasting with research showing it is still effective up to 6 months after application with results in just 3 weeks.
  • BI-AGRA was researched and developed in WA for our conditions. It is produced by SST Australia which is the largest supplier of commercial grade wetting agent in Australia.
  • BI-AGRA can assist your lawn to require up to 50% less water over summer.
  • BI-AGRA aids in reducing the frequency of irrigation. It is an easy hose on application that is environmentally friendly.
  • BI-AGRA improves water distribution and uniformity helping to reduce that blotchy look often apparent in domestic lawns.

Trial Report

A trial had been conducted by the Turf Growers Association of Western Australia with findings that show BI-AGRA nearly doubles the soil's ability to retain moisture. For more information including sample pictures, please see TGA WA's full BI-AGRA trial report.


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A two litre bottle of BI-AGRA treats 150 square metres of lawn.

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