Spring Growing Tips to Help Your Lawn Bounce Back After the Winter

Spring Growing Tips to Help Your Lawn Bounce Back After the Winter

We all love a healthy, green lawn. It is fun to spend time on a lawn that looks great and feels soft. Green spaces are not only there to look good, they also help with many environmental and health issues. To keep your grass beautiful and strong, you do need to provide the right care and maintenance throughout the year, but more so in Spring. During early Spring, the turf starts to awaken from their dormancy period, so you want to start treating the lawn now to get them ready for the hot summer months ahead. If you want to give your lawn the best possible care, then right now is a good time to get out in the garden and make your lawn the best looking in the street.

Need a New Lawn? Invest In A Quality Grass

Quality grass varieties like Sir Walter, perform well all year long. If you find yourself battling to nurse your lawn back to health every spring then it might be time to buy a better and established variety like Sir Walter. Good quality grass varieties look better and can reduce your care and maintenance requirements.

Mow Your Lawn

Mowing is key to having a strong, healthy lawn. Light, frequent mowing, will not only thicken up your turf mat, it will also help promote new growth as well. At the start of Spring, don’t be afraid to mow your lawn a little lower than normal, either with your rotary mower or vertimower, depending on the variety of turf you have. This will take any old thatch out of the lawn, and give your lawn a new lease on life. For any hints and tips, please check out our Facebook posts, or feel free to give the office call.

Aerate Your Lawn if Needed

For areas that are compacted, either by high traffic, parked on or just those in wet, boggy areas, use a fork or similar tool to loosen up the ground. This helps to break up compact soil and gives roots access to more fresh air. Aerating your lawn can help boost new growth.

Apply Fertiliser

It is important to fertilise your lawn throughout the year, but especially in Spring. Spring is the time of new growth, so applying now will help promote a stronger and healthier lawn. At Betta Turf we sell the best quality, Premium Blend Slow Release Fertiliser which can be used on any variety of lawn. Its 76% slow release component, is great for your plant and the environment and makes maintaining your lawn a breeze.

Check Your Sprinklers

With winter sprinkler bans finishing, and the weather starting to warm up, it is imperative that you also check and maintain your sprinklers. Make sure that they are all working and covering the area to avoid areas from drying out. But most importantly, make sure you are applying the correct amount of water for the minutes you have set your stations for. You are allowed to water twice a week, (on mains or 3 times for bore owners) applying 10mls on each station you have. Grab some Water Corp catch cups and place over the area, and measure your output. Adjust your station times accordingly.

Apply Aqua Force and BI-AGRA

With Perth sandy soils, and incorrect watering times, our soils can become water repellant very quickly, so we always recommend apply the best commercial grade wetting agent available on the market. Aqua Force is an amazing wetting agent, allowing the water to penetrate evenly through your profile, and the BI-AGRA, will hold the water in your profile. You will notice the difference and performance in your grass once applied.

With these quick and simple lawn tips your lawn will bounce right back after winter and you will be able to enjoy your lawn without the stress.

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