The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Turf and Their Answers

The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Turf and Their Answers

Everyone loves a lush healthy green lawn. Lawns are terrific for enhancing curb appeal, for keeping your home nice and cool on hot summer days and these areas are glorious for spending some time outdoors.

Lots of people do however struggle to keep their lawns healthy and vibrant. If you are also having a tough time keeping your lawn in great condition throughout the year or if you are planning on redoing your landscaping and want to know more about natural turf, then you should check out the following answers to the most frequently asked questions that lawn companies like Betta Turf deal with every day.

1. What Is The Best Type Of Lawn For My Property?

As I mention to most of our clients, grasses are a personal choice. It generally comes down too, what you like the look of, but most importantly what you are prepared to look after. Sir Walter Buffalo is by far the most popular variety we sell. Not only does it look beautiful, it is such an easy grass to maintain. It can handle both shady and of course a full sun aspect. It is the one lawn variety that you can grow just about anywhere.

2. How Often Do I Need to Fertilise My Lawn?

That will depend on the variety of fertiliser you use. Not all fertilisers are formulated the same, so using our 76% Premium Blend Slow Release, will ensure your lawn is kept in great condition all year round. Using only 2kg/100m2 every 8-10 weeks, it is not only great for your lawn, but safe for the environment and great for your budget. We encourage you to recycle your buckets to bring back to refill and save.

3. How Often Should I Mow My Lawn?

This depends on the season and the condition of your lawn. In spring and summer, lawns tend to grow more vibrantly and need mowing more frequently compared to wintertime when your lawn grows much slower. Ideally, in the warmer months, you should mow your lawn every 7-10 days, but you can easily leave them every 3-5 weeks during winter. My best tip is to keep your mower blades sharp as well. This makes mowing a breeze.

4. When Should I Water My Lawn?

Early morning is the best time to water your lawn. Ideally, you should start watering your lawn around 6am and be finished by 9am during the warmer months, but this will depend on your number of stations. Set it, so you can occasionally go out and check your sprinklers to make sure they are all working.

5. How Much Water Do I Put On?

If you are on mains water, you are allocated 10ml of water per station, 1 x day, and only 2 x week, and only on your watering days. If you have a bore, you can water 3 x week on your allocated days. Run times will vary depending on your type of sprinkler nozzles, and water pressure. If you are not sure, come and grab some WaterCorp catch cups to measure your output to set your controller to the correct run time.

6. Do I Need To Apply A Wetting Agent?

With Perth Sandy soils, it is highly recommended to apply a quality wetting agent like Aqua Force and most importantly a water retainer, BI-AGRA, twice through the summer months. These are recommended by the TGA, and used by professionals. Why settle for an inferior product, when you can purchase the two products in our famous COMBO PACK and save.

7. Do I Need To Topdress My Lawn?

Topdressing is a good natural product that you can apply to run down areas to give your lawn a boost, to level out your lawn or to cover holes that pets might have dug in your garden. We recommend a loam based soil, which should be yellow/red in colour. Yellow soils are clean and free from any contaminants, so they are great for not only establishing a new lawn, but also great in reviving them as well. However, as a general rule, you will only need to topdress for the above reasons, as it will only increase the “height” of your grass.

8. Can I Message Betta Turf With My Lawn Issues?

We encourage you to reach out to us via Insta or Facebook, as well as email. We also love when you come to our farm directly, with pictures in hand, and let us get you and your lawn on the right maintenance path. Lawns are there to be enjoyed and shouldn’t be seen as hard work.

Do you have any other questions about natural turf? Betta Turf is a professional lawn farm company that is happy to get all of your lawn questions answered for you so you can give your lawn the best possible care.

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