Tips To Keep Your Lawn in Great Condition during the Holidays

Tips To Keep Your Lawn in Great Condition during the Holidays

Christmas is almost here and we are all busy preparing for these fun festive times where lots of family members and friends coming over to visit. Outdoor activities are very popular around these festive seasons. Whether it’s a backyard cricket game, a kick of the footy, or a dip in the pool, you want your lawn to not only look good, but be strong and healthy enough to handle the traffic. If you want to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest without having to worry about the health of your turf then you should give the following tips a try.

Invest In a Proven Turf Variety

One of the best ways to keep your turf nice and healthy despite lots of traffic is by getting a good turf variety to begin with. Sir Walter Turf, for example, does well in partial shade or full sun, and is a good, strong grower all year round. One of the most popular varieties of Soft Leaf Buffalo sold Australia wide. Another warm season variety, that needs a bit more on the maintenance side, but is good for high traffic areas is Kikuyu. This grass variety fairs excellent in high traffic areas and grows quickly to self-repair. If your current lawn just won’t cut it this festive season then perhaps it is best to give Betta Turf a call so you can get your entire lawn replaced with something better.

Double Check Your Sprinklers

With the hot weather well and truly here, don’t forget to check your sprinklers on a regular basis for any blockages or obstructions, and make sure you are applying the correct amount of water. Grab some WaterCorp catch cups to test your output. Topping up by hand on a run of hot days is always recommend also. Applications of Aqua Force and BI-AGRA, will help your grass keep its cool this summer, so you can enjoy time with family without worrying about your lawn.

Fertilise Your Lawn

Light, regular applications of our Premium Blend Slow Release Fertiliser, will keep your lawn green, healthy and strong all year round. Healthy strong lawns are able to cope with much more traffic, and quicker to recover if any damage occurs.

Remember To Mow

You probably want your lawn to look its best when you are receiving lots of guests. Weekly mowing will keep your lawn strong and healthy, keep thatch to a minimum, but most importantly keep it looking good. Don’t forget to keep your mower blades sharp as well.

Avoid Leaving Objects On Your Lawn

Avoid leaving objects like blankets, eskies and other large items on your lawn for a long periods of time. These objects can obscure sunlight, and can also heat up and burn the leaf, causing yellow, dead looking patches on your lawn. If this occurs, top up with a little bit of hand watering, and it’ll be back to its best in no time. For more great lawn care tips or to get your hands on the best lawn products or varieties we welcome you to contact us, through our Betta Turf website, or via our Betta Turf Facebook. With our terrific products and great turf varieties, you can ease through the holiday seasons and enjoy a great looking lawn at all times.

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