Ways to Cool Down the Temperature in Your Garden

Ways to Cool Down the Temperature in Your Garden

Summer is the best time to plan those exciting barbecue parties in the garden so everyone can connect, have some fun in the sun and get out of the house. The thing that is not quite so fun during summer barbies is the heat. Summers in Perth can get pretty brutal and can leave all your guests feeling a bit under the weather when the temperature heats up. The right landscaping can help you reduce the temperature in your garden so you can enjoy a fresher home environment throughout these hot months. Here are the best conversions you can make to reduce the temperature in your garden.

Install Natural Turf

Artificial surfaces like synthetic/plastic turf, concrete or paved areas, greatly increase the temperatures around your home. These formats absorb heat and can leave your house and garden feeling hot. Decreasing or removing the size of these areas, and replacing with quality, natural turf will dramatically change the way your house and garden feel.. Grass naturally reduces the heat since the natural turf reflects temperature instead of absorbing the warmth. Grass also helps lock in moisture so your garden will be cooler for longer. Establishing a thick lawn also doesn’t have to take long because when you buy from a good company like Betta Turf, you can transform and cool down your entire garden virtually overnight because these lawns are already mature and ready to lay.

Water at the Right Time and the Right Amount

Having a waterwise, natural lawn, will greatly reduces the temperature in your garden and around your home. It will act as a natural air-conditioner. In fact, that on a block of eight average homes, the front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning. It is, however, important to water at the right time, to benefit your grass through the hot summer days. Watering your lawn in the mornings, applying 10mm of water, will allow the moisture to soak into the soil where grass can lock the water in and prevent it from being evaporated too fast. Apply a quality wetting agent like Aqua Force and a water retainer, BI-AGRA, will ensure your lawn survives the hot summer days, and prevents your grass from stressing out.

Use Lots of Mulch

Mulch keeps your soil temperatures cooler and moisture levels up. Collect grass clippings, straw, hay, old leaves, and tree bark or even cardboard and newspapers to cover the soil around your garden plants so these areas won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Trees and Turf

Planting trees is excellent for the environment and your garden, but having the right tree in your yard is important. Sir Walter, is a great variety of buffalo that is able to grow in shady aspects, especially under trees, so there’s no excuse for not being able to have both in your garden to cool your place down. Trees offer much cooler shading temperatures than other types of shading structures such as net or steel roofs and they also produce oxygen instead of simply absorbing the warmth the way other materials do.

Grow Plants along Walls

Don’t let your garden walls remain bare. Walls and concrete tend to absorb heat and block out wind which can increase your garden temperature tremendously. By planting along your walls you can reduce the temperature since sunlight won’t beam onto these heat absorbing structures and plants naturally create a cooler temperature. With a nice and crisp cool garden, it will be much more fun to spend some time outside so you can stay healthy, active and full of life.

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