Why Sir Walter Is The Best Choice Of Natural Lawn For Your Area

Why Sir Walter Is The Best Choice Of Natural Lawn For Your Area

If you want a great looking lawn then the first thing you need to do is to buy your lawn from a reputable company like Betta Turf. Buying lawn from a registered turf farm, ensures you are getting the right variety and a quality product.

The second thing you need to do is to choose a variety that not only looks good, but is easy to look after.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is the most popular buffalo lawn sold Australia Wide. Over 60 million square meters of this grass variety is sold to Australian residential homes each and every year. Why is this variety so popular? Well, here are the best reasons why people choose Sir Walter.

1.Grows Great In Full Sun

Perth can get pretty hot during summer, which means you need a grass variety that can handle those harsh summer days. Grown in full sun, means your Sir Walter grass will perform at its best in a sunny aspect, and will survive with our water restrictions. Soil preparation is always crucial in preparing your area, so please see our FAQ’s page on our website for our recommended soil preparation tips.

2. Grows Well In the Shade

Not only does this variety perform well in sunny areas, this amazing variety performs just as well in shady aspects. A well maintained Sir Walter can hold it’s colour and thick runner mat through our cooler months of the year.

3. Requires Less Water

Sir Walter lawn doesn’t require as much water as some varieties, as we’ve seen in the trials performed at the UWA Research Station. It’s strength and vigour makes this variety one of the best at recovering from any water related stress.

4. Always Green

This variety stays beautiful and green all year round. This winter active variety, means you can have a beautiful, healthy green lawn all year round. For tips on the best products to use, visit our website under the Lawn Care Tab.

5. Resistant To Insects

Due to the strength of Sir Walter, we have found it to be resilient against most insect activity. If by chance your Sir Walter comes under attack, our Complete Pest Control will be able to control a wide variety of pests. The strong growth of Sir Walter, means it will be able to recover fairly quickly from any damage.

6. Easy to Maintain

Sir Walter is a runner variety, which makes this a very easy grass to maintain. There is no underground root structure to make this grass invasive into garden beds like couch, kikuyu or zoysia, so your garden beds are going to love you. Its low thatch growth habit, means maintaining Sir Walter is as easy as 1,2,3.

7. Low Allergenic

If you suffer from allergies then this is the best natural lawn to choose. Sir Walter is low allergenic and its soft leaf shouldn’t cause any itching to children and pets. We welcome you to come and check out our display to see if it suits you.

8. Creates a Cooler Home Temperature

Having a natural Sir Walter lawn around your home, will act as an air conditioner, without the power bill. The average front lawn has around twice the cooling capacity of an average home’s ducted air-conditioning system, without the accompanying negative environmental emissions. Sir Walter can cool your area by up to 40 degrees compared to areas that have than synthetic turf or any other hardscaped surface.

9. It Is a True Aussie Turf

This lawn variety is Aussie grown. Born and bred in NSW, Sir Walter will have to be one of the toughest performers, yet one of the easiest varieties to look after. This would have to be one of the most popular varieties sold in Australia. As the Original Grower of Sir Walter in Perth, you are supporting your local turf farm and investing in this authentic Australian variety.

10. More Affordable Than Other Landscaping Solutions

Due to the way Sir Walter grows and the time between harvesting our crop, it can be a little bit more expensive than other varieties, however, it is still a lot more affordable than many other landscaping solutions such as synthetic turf, paving and more.

Do you want to get an authentic, Certified Sir Walter lawn? Then give Betta Turf a call today. We’ve done all the work to grow and harvest top quality Sir Walter grass and now you can rest easy and enjoy your own.

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