Why Turf is the Best Option for Winter

Why Turf is the Best Option for Winter

With winter well under way, now is the time to think about your lawn maintenance. Colder temperatures mean your lawn may be negatively impacted. Whether it’s a home or business, there are some simple ways to keep your lawn looking green and beautiful all year long. A simple and effective way to update your lawn and make it last through the colder winter temperatures is by upgrading your lawn to turf. Betta Turf is the area’s leader in premium turf and installations. Here’s why turf is the best option for your lawn this winter.

Great Colour Year Round

One of the best parts of choosing turf is that it keeps its colour throughout the winter months. Grasses not bred for colder weather often lose their colour and can easily die if temperatures get cold enough. By choosing a turf that’s bred to withstand cold winter months, you’ll notice longer lasting colour in the winter. Sir Walter Buffalo turf is a high-quality turf that’s winter active, meaning it won’t turn purple in the winter like other breeds of turf. Your lawn will stay crisp and green all year long when you upgrade your lawn to a Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

Low Maintenance Requirements

A turf designed to be active in winter requires very little maintenance, which cuts down on your upkeep costs. Most turf only requires semi-regular mowing and very few herbicide treatments. Some breeds of turf will thatch if you don’t mow regularly, but thatching is the only maintenance issue you would run into with a high-quality turf.


By upgrading your lawn to a turf lawn, you’re making a cost-effective choice. Turf will save you money over time in maintenance and upkeep costs, and Betta Turf purchasing and installation costs are affordable. Choosing a turf that’s naturally resistant to weeds, pests, and cold winter temperatures means less time and effort with upkeep, which in turn saves you money over the life of your lawn. If you’re tired of spending countless hours trying to make your lawn look beautiful, it may be time to switch to a turf lawn this winter. With some regular mowing and light lawn treatment you can have a lush, beautiful lawn all year long.

Leaf Choices

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you won’t be spending time outside in your yard. When you’re looking at a new turf lawn you’ll be able to select the type of leaf that works best with your home or business. From soft grass that’s perfect for spending time outdoors to tough leaves that look beautiful in commercial settings, we have just the turf for you. Sir Walter Buffalo turf is the perfect choice for residential lawns. The soft, durable leaves make the perfect surface for children and pets to play on, all while holding up to colder winter temperatures. Nobody likes rough, scratchy grass. With turf, you get to upgrade your lawn to a soft, green oasis.

Betta Turf

Betta Turf is Perth’s original supplier of Sir Walter Buffalo turf – in fact, we were the first to receive a licence to grow Sir Walter Buffalo and have been doing so for almost 20 years. No matter what your project is, our team of turf experts can help you from start to finish. We’ll show you samples of our high-end turf, discuss your project needs, and coordinate the delivery and installation. Let us take the stress out of your turf upgrade. Check out our varieties of top-quality turf as well as our lawn care products to get started on creating the lawn of your dreams.

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