How to Keep Your Lawn in Great Condition Through Christmas Traffic

How to Keep Your Lawn in Great Condition Through Christmas Traffic

Christmas is always a busy time of year. This is the time when kids are roaming about the neighbourhood in search of something to do and when relatives are coming over to visit.

While it is terrific to have a full and merry house and to catch up with everyone, it isn’t so great to see the toll that lots of guests can have on your lawn. If you want to avoid damages to a grassy green lawn that you spent lots of hours nurturing then you can consider the following tips.

Invest In a Quality Lawn

Some grass varieties are more fragile than others. Installing a better quality lawn will make life a lot easier for you now and in the future. Good lawn varieties like Kikuyu, Wintergreen and Buffalo Grass can handle a lot more traffic, are more drought tolerant and have a much faster recovery rate. A quality lawn variety will reduce your overall maintenance and will be able to handle the extra traffic without much visible damage.

Install Walkways

One of the best ways to solve lawn traffic issues for good is by installing walkways on your lawn. You already know which paths everyone prefers to walk, so go ahead and lay brick or rocky walkways in these areas. Walkways are not just great for protecting your lawn but they can also enhance your overall curb appeal.

Fertilize Before the Festive Season

Fertilizers always help your lawn grow much faster. Early spring is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn to help it recover faster from the harsh winter. But adding just a little bit of fertilizer just before the festive season arrives will help your lawn grow more rapidly so it can restore itself much quicker.

Offer a Little Bit More Water During The Festive Season

Good quality lawn varieties are quite drought-tolerant, but all lawn types love a bit more water. It is however important not to overwater, as this might drown your plants and cause root rotting. By watering your lawn more regularly, you will help your lawn grow a little bit faster during the high traffic festive season. Watering can also serve as a great way to keep people off your lawn, as very few people enjoy sitting or walking on a wet lawn!

Install a Fence around Your Lawn Areas

Fences in your garden can enhance curb appeal a great deal. There are lots of types of fences that you can install that won’t alter functionality but will help protect your lawn. Focus on a low type of fence. A decorative metal wire fence, white picket fence, or a country-style fence will look terrific and can help keep people off your grass. It is still entirely possible for them to climb over to reach your lawn, but having the fence in place serves as an effective deterrent.

Mind Your Décor Placement

Decorations are designed to attract people. If you add a lot of beautiful decorations in the centre of your lawn, then you can count on more foot traffic in this area since more people will want to come closer to admire the décor. Place your decorations in more strategic areas such as alongside your driveway or against your home. This will make a huge difference in the amount of foot traffic you see.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your lawn looking lush and green not only all festive season long, but all year long too!

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