7 Wonders of a Beautiful Natural Lawn

7 Wonders of a Beautiful Natural Lawn

With so many options to cover open spaces at your property, we at Betta Turf believe natural turf is by far the better choice. Not only does it look good, but there are also so many more benefits of having a natural green space at your house. Here are seven reasons why.

01. Environmentally Friendly

There are so many environmental reasons for having a turfed area around your house. It absorbs pollution from cars and other sources, acts as a water filter by purifying water going into our aquifers and streams. They suppress dust, store carbon, produce oxygen, dissipate heat, reduce stormwater runoff and so many more.

02. Health and Wellbeing

It has been proven that having a natural green space at your home is better for your own health. Not only does it promote and increase physical activity, reducing the risk of obesity and healthcare, it also can significantly reduce stress.

03. Bushfire Retardant

If you are one that lives in a beautiful bushy area, actually having a large grassed area around your home has been seen to save your house in the event of a bushfire. With the turf actually acting as a barrier to your home, the fire has literally stopped in its tracks before reaching your home.

04. Increased Property Value

A recent national survey conducted by real estate agents has discovered that having a neat, natural, healthy green turf space at your house, can increase the value of your home up to $110,000. Many agents have encouraged their clients to improve their lawn before putting their house on the market to increase the number of buyers coming to look, and to increase the chances of a higher sale price.

05. Kids and Pet Play Time

Not only is it important to have a safe, healthy place for your children to enjoy the outdoors, but those that have pets are also in need to have an open space, where their 4 legged family members can also enjoy the outside space. Having a natural green lawn can provide a safe space to entertain your family in for hours and hours.

06. Cooling Effect

A natural green lawn area around your house will act as your own natural air conditioner during the summer months. Its cooling effect can reduce the temperature around your home by as much as 15 degrees, compared to other hard surfaces. What a great, energy efficient way to cool your home and save money on your power bills.

07. Turf War On Plastic

With so much conjecture about single-use plastic, Synthetic turf vs Natural turf will soon be at the forefront of this topic. Synthetic turf is a single-use product, that does not fully break down and is becoming very hard to dispose of causing environmental damage along the way. Natural turf, on the other hand, is a life long product that will keep on growing, and if you are needing to replace, will organically break down, leaving only healthy organic material in its place.

With so many positive reasons, why wouldn’t you want anything but a natural, healthy lawn at your house? Then give Betta Turf a call right now. You can have a healthy, vibrant lawn installed at your property in no time, or we can help you rejuvenate your existing area so you can enjoy the benefits of this natural product.


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