Is Wintergreen The Right Turf For You?

Is Wintergreen The Right Turf For You?

Are you in the process of putting in a new lawn or replacing the one you have? It is best to be correctly informed when selecting the right turf for your garden, as some varieties will suit certain aspects more than others. My motto when selecting your lawn, is to pick one for the look that you are after, but most importantly, pick one that you are prepared to look after. It is always best to invest in a good quality grass variety. Wintergreen is a very popular grass variety grown in Australia. Here are the top reasons so many commercial, estate and domestic landscapers prefer to use this variety of lawn.

Soft to the Touch

Wintergreen is a hybrid couch lawn that is soft to the touch. It has a medium green, fine leaf blade and can have that “bowling green” effect when the lawn is healthy and well maintained. Animals, children and you will love spending time on this beautiful lawn type.

Green All-Year-Round

Wintergreen got its name by, you guessed it, staying green through the winter months. You will experience slower growth during winter but your lawn will stay bright green all year round, with the right fertiliser.


This is the perfect lawn type for young families with young pets. The lawn is quite hardy, rapid in growth and can self-repair. This lawn has a rhizome root system, which means, if there is any surface damage, the grass will easily repair itself, by growing up through the soil. There is no need to relay any rolls.

Smooth and Carpet-Like

When maintained correctly, Wintergreen couch will be a tight knit, carpet looking turf. When mowed with a cylinder mower, it’s smooth, fine leaf, will give you that lovely flat bowling green effect, making it not only look good, but give the kids a great playing surface as well. When you look at all of these characteristics, it becomes clear that Wintergreen is a terrific lawn type to consider if you want a great looking and soft lawn all year round. If you are looking to create an instant lawn then you can buy from a leading turf supplier like Betta Turf right now and get top quality Wintergreen installed in no time.

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