Lawn Care Tips to Improve Your Lawn

Lawn Care Tips to Improve Your Lawn

Having a healthy lawn, will not only improve the look of your home, but can also improve your mental and physical health. Spending time outdoors, entertaining family and friends on your lawn, is an Aussie way of life. A green, water wise lawn is easy to have, if you follow a few simple steps.

Watering Your Lawn

Water is critical to having a nice, healthy lawn. You don’t have to pour heaps of water to have a green lawn. Due to current water restrictions, and our poor sandy soils, applying the right amount of water at the right time of the day is key. Watering during the morning, ideally between 7-9am, is best, making sure you are applying 10ml of water. Grab some catch cups and measure what you are applying, and adjust your station times accordingly. Ideally applying a recommended wetting agent, Aqua Force and a water retainer, BI-AGRA, will help your lawn survive the hot dry months.


Fertilising is an integral part to keeping your lawn healthy and green. It is a living plant, so they do need to be fed on a regular basis. Fertilising with a premium slow release fertiliser, will not only be more beneficial to the plant but also to the environment, as leaching of nutrients is kept to a minimum. Fertilising lightly and regularly is key as well. You should be fertilising at least 4 times per year.


Mowing heights are critical to the success of your lawn. Simply setting your lawnmower to the highest or lowest setting isn’t necessarily what’s best for your lawn. For example, having your lawn in a full sun or shady areas requires different mowing heights. Full sun areas, can be mown a bit shorter, whilst your shady areas will need to be mown at a higher setting, to leave more leaf area exposed. As with your fertilising regime, lightly and regularly is key.


Lawns can be some of the most heavily trafficked areas in our homes, meaning the soil can quickly become compact. This can lead to poor drainage and plant growth. Aeration is the process of punching small holes throughout your lawn, improving air circulation in the soil, allow the soil to break up, and create passages for water to drain. You’ll notice a drastically improved lawn after you aerate. You can use small handheld aerators or use a large aeration machine for larger lawns. With these simple tips, your lawn will look great year round. Contact the team at Betta Turf today for more great lawn maintenance tips.

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