Why Natural Turf Is Better Than Artificial Grass

Why Natural Turf Is Better Than Artificial Grass

There are many factors to consider when you are wanting a “green space” at your home. Who is going to use it, maintain it, and the look you are going for. For all of these factors, we at Betta Turf, always think natural turf is the way to go. A healthy, natural green lawn is an absolute must for any household. It is not only beautiful to look at, but the healthy positives will always outweigh the so called “low maintenance” of “plastic turf”. Here are the top reasons we love our natural real grass and thing that this is the best possible pick you can make for your home;

You Can Get a Beautiful Lawn Instantly

Just about every artificial turf company advertises the fact that artificial grass is instant when they are trying to pitch a sale. But guess what? Natural turf is an instant coverage, as well as being healthy and environmentally friendly. Our turf rolls are easy to lay, easy to cut and fit, and will transform your area instantly. Yes, you can have a beautiful, thick and vibrant natural lawn in just a few hours!

Natural Turf Is Eco-Friendly

There has recently been conjecture about the amount of water natural turf uses compared to artificial turf. However, if your soil structure is improved, natural turf will always absorb, filter and replenish our aquifers compared to synthetic turf, that just allow water to run off into our drains. Natural turf is a lot more eco-friendly than plastic turf will ever be. Most artificial grass types only have a life expectancy of 5-7 years after which it will need to be replaced adding to our landfill. Plastic turf cannot be recycled, only incinerated resulting in waste and pollution. Natural grass, on the other hand, leaves absolutely nothing but biodegradable material or green waste behind that can be turned into valuable compost.

Fights Carbon and Cools Your Home

Did you know that natural turf is the biggest absorber of carbon dioxide? It sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil. It has even more flexibility to do this than trees which means it also can produce oxygen more efficiently. Natural Turf makes your surrounding environment cooler and increases the cooling capacity of your home. The temperature on a green, natural lawn can be up to 40 degrees cooler than synthetic turf. The average front lawn has around twice the cooling capacity of an average home’s ducted air-conditioning system, without the accompanying negative environmental emissions.

A Source of Food

Grass is also a source of food for plenty of animals such as bunnies, goats, cattle, horses, sheep and so many more. If you have a few pets like bunnies, chickens and such in your yard then you can most certainly feed them some grass cuttings to keep them healthy.

Natural Grass Is Affordable

Despite the fact that natural turf requires irrigation, fertilisation, and maintenance, your natural lawn will always be more affordable than artificial turf. Not only are these fake lawns incredibly expensive to install but they also need to be cleaned regularly and they need to be replaced every 7-10 years.

Natural Grass Has a Positive Psychological Effect

Green spaces are known to promote mental and physical wellbeing. Natural green grass has a positive psychological effect on your mind and encourages feelings of well-being, positivity, and productivity while the boost in oxygen also boosts your brains health and performance. Natural turf will always be much better for you, your family, your wallet and for the environment than it is to layer your ground surfaces with plastic and rubber. For an excellent quality turf that promotes your personal wellbeing as well as your curb appeal, we welcome you to give our offices at Betta Turf a call. We grow the best varieties of turf to suit Perth’s climate, and you will absolutely fall in love with your new lawn the moment it is installed.

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